Partial Discography


Work From Home With Bill Evans (compilation on Verve Records, featuring "Soiree", "Mother of Earl", "Elsa" and "My Love is an April Song") -- Bill Evans

Spring Jazz (compilation on Universal Records, featuring "My Love is an April Song") -- Bill Evans


Smile With Your Heart: The Best of Bill Evans on Resonance (featuring "Mother of Earl") -- Bill Evans 

Evans in England: Live at Ronnie Scott's (featuring "Elsa") -- Bill Evans 


Heroic Brass II -- Nelson Mandela University Brass Ensemble, Port Elizabeth, South Africa --  (featuring "Brass Square")

The Classic Trio 1959-1961 (featuring "Elsa") -- Bill Evans Trio 


The Quiet Passion of Bill Evans (featuring "Mother of Earl", "Elsa" and "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans 

The Definitive Rare Albums Collection 1960-1966 (featuring "Elsa" and "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans 

Low Standards (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- David Finck 


The Complete Albums Collection 1960-1962 (featuring "Elsa") -- Cannonball Adderley 


Bill Evans Time Remembered -- a 90-minute documentary film, produced by Bruce Spiegel (featuring the music of Earl Zindars)

Evans Remembered (featuring "Elsa") -- Enrico Pieranunzi


12 Classic Albums: 1956-1962 (featuring "Elsa" and "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans

London House Blues (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Bob Mamet

Remembering B.E. - A Tribute to Bill Evans (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Francesco Branciamore and the Crossover Ensemble


Time Remembered: The Music of Bill Evans (featuring "Elsa") -- Pat Hall


Momentum (featuring "Elsa") -- Bill Evans 

Live at Art D'Lugoff's Top of the Gate (featuring "Mother of Earl") -- Bill Evans


The Sesjun Radio Shows (featuring "Sareen Jurer") -- Bill Evans

Geenius Monday  -- Gee Hye Lee (featuring “How My Heart Sings”) with Jochen Feucht on clarinet

36 Hearts (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Akimitsu Iwase / Akimitsu Iwase Trio


At Home With Zindars -- Luciano Troja (full-length album dedicated to the music of Earl Zindars)

Vocation (featuring "How My Heart Sings" as "Regnets sång" in Swedish, arr. Helena Insulander) -- Vocation vocal sextet


YPF Jazz: Live At Bimhuis Amsterdam: 24 And 25 January 2009 (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Young Pianist Foundation  


Sides of Blue: The Jazz Greats Who Played on Kind of Blue (featuring "Elsa") -- Cannonball Adderley and Bill Evans

Peace (featuring “How My Heart Sings”) -- Paul Kogut, guitar

Allein (featuring "Sareen Jurer") -- Rudi Wilfer 


The Sideman Years (featuring "Mother of Earl") -- Bill Evans 

Stockholm 1965 (featuring "Elsa") -- Bill Evans 

Live in Paris 1965 (featuring "Elsa") -- Bill Evans 

Live in Ottawa 1974 (featuring "Elsa" and "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans 

Always (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Kálmán Oláh 


Riverside Profiles (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans 

Jazz for Dining (compilation on Verve Records, featuring "Soiree") -- Bill Evans


Koln Concert 1976 (featuring "Sareen Jurer" and "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans 

A Nice Idea (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- John Abercrombie 


Round Midnight (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans 

How My Heart Sings -- Bill Cunliffe (full-length album dedicated to the music of Earl Zindars)

Getting Sentimental -- (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans 


Tomorrow's Reflections (featuring "Elsa") -- Dale Bruning 

The Name of a Woman (featuring "Elsa") -- David Friesen 

The Banff Sessions (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- John Stowell, guitar

From the 70's (featuring "Elsa") -- Bill Evans 


And Then Some - Don Haas Trio & Larry Dunlap Trio (full-length album dedicated to the music of Earl Zindars)

Bill Evans's Finest Hour (featuring "Elsa") -- Bill Evans 

Beyond (featuring "Positively Orange") -- Susan Sutton Trio 


The Third World -- Donald Byrd Percussion (featuring Earl Zindars on tympani in "Ping Pong Beer")

The Last Waltz (featuring "Mother of Earl") -- Bill Evans / Bill Evans Trio 

Norwegian Wood (featuring "Elsa") -- European Jazz Trio 

Les Incontournables (featuring "Elsa") -- Bill Evans 

First Sight (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Jarmo Savolainen 

Crystals (featuring "Mother of Earl") -- Diederik Wissels 


How My Heart Sings (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Kate Hammett-Vaughan 

Double Duke (featuring "Elsa") -- Joe Temperley 


Young at Heart (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Tony Williams 

Ultimate Bill Evans (featuring "Mother of Earl") -- Bill Evans 

Treecircle (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Gösta Rundqvist 

Jazz Showcase (featuring "Elsa") -- Bill Evans 

Half Moon Bay (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans 

Elsa (featuring "Elsa") -- Phil Woods 


The Complete Bill Evans on Verve (featuring "My Love is an April Song", "How My Heart Sings", Elsa", "Mother of Earl" and "Soiree") -- Bill Evans 

Maynard Ferguson Presents Tom Garling (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Tom Garling, trombone

How My Heart Sings (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Melissa "Missy" Hasin, cello

Haunted Heart (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Eddie Higgins 

Guitar Moments (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Jimmy Raney 

Cite De La Musique (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Dino Saluzzi, bandoneon and José Maria Saluzzi, guitar


The Soul of Jazz Percussion [Fresh Sound] -- (featuring Earl Zindars on tympani in "Ping Pong Beer")

The Secret Sessions: Recorded at the Village Vanguard 1966-1975 (featuring "Elsa" and "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans 

My Reverie (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Ryo Kawasaki, guitar


Blind Date (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Larry Schneider, saxaphone

After Hours (featuring "Elsa") -- Hagood Hardy  

A Beautiful Tomorrow Song (featuring "Elsa")-- Fumio Karashima 


Verve Jazz Masters 5: Bill Evans (featuring "Mother of Earl") -- Bill Evans 

The Romantic Tuba (featuring "Trigon" for Tuba) -- Floyd Cooley 

Now & Then: A Tribute to Bill Evans (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Mitchel Forman 

Bill Evans Person We Knew (featuring "Elsa") -- Larry Schneider 


Jazz 'Round Midnight: Bill Evans (featuring "Elsa") -- Bill Evans 


Time to Remember - Live in Europe 1965-1972 (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans 


This Is Now (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Eddie Daniels, clarinet 

Reflections in Jazz (featuring "Sareen Jurer") -- Giuseppe Emmanuele 


The Return -- Don Haas Trio, also featuring Earl Zindars on piano (full-length album dedicated to the music of Earl Zindars)


In His Own Way (featuring "Sareen Jurer") -- Bill Evans, Eddie Gomez, Eliot Zigmund -- recorded in Rome, Italy         

This Is New (featuring "Elsa") -- Ed Bickert 

The Complete Fantasy Recordings (featuring "Elsa", "Sareen Jurer" and "Quiet Light") -- Bill Evans 


The Complete Riverside Recordings (featuring "Elsa" and "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans 

Jazzhouse (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans 

Compact Jazz: Bill Evans (featuring "Elsa") -- Bill Evans 


Nardis (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Klaus Treuheit 


As If... (on Denon Records, featuring “How My Heart Sings”) -- Masahiko Satoh

Together (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Larry Coryell and Emily Remler, guitars


Liquid Silver (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Andy LaVerne  


Good Girl (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Kim Parker 


I Will Say Goodbye (featuring "Quiet Light") -- Bill Evans / Bill Evans Trio 


Stolen Moments (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Jimmy Raney and Doug Raney, guitars


Trio (featuring "Elsa" and “How My Heart Sings”) -- Bill Evans 


Montreux III (featuring "Elsa") -- Bill Evans

Swedish Concert 1975 (featuring "Sareen Jurer") -- Bill Evans, Eliot Zigmund, Eddie Gomez


Since We Met (featuring "Sareen Jurer") -- Bill Evans / Bill Evans Trio


Live in Paris, 1972 Vol.3 (featuring "Elsa") -- Bill Evans, Eddie Gomez, Marty Morell


Trio Live (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans / Bill Evans Trio 


Montreux II (featuring "How My Heart Sings") -- Bill Evans 

From Left to Right (featuring "Soiree" and "Lullaby for Helene") -- Bill Evans 


At the Montreux Jazz Festival (featuring "Mother of Earl") -- Bill Evans 


Monica Zetterlund -- (on Universal Records, featuring "How My Heart Sings" as "Regnets sång" in Swedish) -- Monica Zetterlund


Trio '65 (featuring "Elsa" and “How My Heart Sings”) -- Bill Evans 


How My Heart Sings! (featuring “How My Heart Sings”) -- Bill Evans / Bill Evans Trio 


Know What I Mean? (featuring "Elsa") -- Cannonball Adderley / Bill Evans 

Explorations (featuring "Elsa") -- Bill Evans / Bill Evans Trio

The First Percussion Sextet (featuring "Fickle Weather") with C. Warren Hard, Director Bob Swan, Earl Zindars, Bruce Spencer, Chuck Speas, Ralph Roberts, Doug Alien


On the legendary album "The Soul of Jazz Percussion" (Warwick W 5003 ST, NYC, 1960), Earl Zindars plays timpani and percussion with Philly Joe Jones (drums), Booker Little, Donald Byrd, Marcus Belgrave, and Don Ellis (trumpet), Curtis Fuller (trombone), Pepper Adams (baritone), Bill Evans and Mal Waldron (piano), and Paul Chambers (bass). 

Earl can also be heard playing drums on the album "This Time The Swing's On Me" with Leon Merian (trumpet), Derek Smith (piano), Clyde Lombardi (bass), and Perry Lopez (guitar). (CELP-447, Seeco Records, 1960)


Concert in Brass -- (featuring the Third Movement of "Brass Square") -- Chicago Symphony Brass Ensemble (Adolph Herseth, trumpet Reynold Schilke, trumpet Hugh Cowden, French Horn Frank Crisafulli, Trombone Arnold Jacobs, Tuba)